I'm glad you're here on my web site. This is a portfolio of my oil paintings and fine art. I am essentially a shape painter. Nature is my guide. Look at my paintings this way. Follow the darkest colors with your eyes (squinting helps), and see the pattern the dark shapes make. Then do the same with the lightest colors. You should experience the rhythm and composition present. With eyes wide open, see all the colors that have medium values that connect it all, and let the color wash over you. Abstract or subject matter, it's all the same. Harmony and beauty.

Barbara Rogg Maloy
4849 Silver Sage Court
Boulder, CO 80301
tel 303.516.9100
cell 720.839.7998
Here is a brief resume, telling how I came to be a painter. I have drawn and painted always and have been in many small shows and exhibitions.
  • B.A. in art, art major, Kansas State University
  • B. ARCH., bachelor of architecture, New York Institute of Technology
  • Registered architect in New York, Connecticut, and Colorado
  • Career working in architectural firms in Greenwich, Connecticut and New York. Specialty in design and presentations and architectural renderings.
  • Started my own architectural firm and brought it to Boulder, CO.
  • 2006 - Changed focus to full time painting.
  • Currently full time artist with a studio in Boulder, CO
  • Juried into Open Studios Boulder, CO, 2008